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"Global Challenges Interventions (Preventions, Control, Elimination, and Eradication)
to Reduce Neglected Tropical Diseases: Improving Quality of New Generation"

4-7 AUGUST 2017

In conjunction with



"Implementing Advances in Pediatrics for Better Child Health"

Mataram City International Convention Center, Yogyakarta - Indonesia


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Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

The International Society of Tropical Pediatrics (ISTP) in collaboration with the Indonesian Chapter of International Society of Tropical Pediatrics and the Pediatric Society of Indonesia would be delighted to invite you to attend the 11th International Congress of Tropical Pediatrics (ICTP), which will take place in Yogyakarta, Indonesia from August 04-07, 2017.

Since the 1st Congress in Bangkok, Thailand 1987 till the 10th Congress in Nairobi, Kenya 2014, ICTP has become a forum for Pediatric Societies as well as pediatricians interested in tropical child health meet every 3 years to exchange their views and ideas to develop new concepts and theories for the welfare of children all over the tropical areas.

The aim of the 11th ICTP is to promote, develop and advance education, research and care of diseases in the Tropics in all pediatric age groups and offers an exchange of information between physicians and health professionals in the field of Tropical Pediatrics. In this event, we are also making a positive collaboration with Indonesian Ministry of Health in combating the NTD in the country. Bringing the theme “Global Challenges Interventions (Prevention, Control, Elimination, and Eradication) to Reduce Neglected Tropical Diseases: Improving Quality of New Generation“, the 11th ICTP will become an event to share the latest scientific knowledge and sharing experiences with the experts and between the participants.

We will do our best to make 11th  ICTP the most memorable event for you, by experiencing the fruitful scientific congress, wonderful unique culture of Yogyakarta and beyond, experiencing a beautiful scenery and city tours. We hope to meet you during the 11th ICTP and look forward to welcoming you in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

With warmest regards,
Professor Sri Rezeki S. Hadinegoro, MD, PhD
Chairperson of 11th ICTP

Greetings from Indonesian Pediatric Society

Dear Colleagues,

Scientific concern to reduce the neglected tropical diseases has escalated in the last few years. Although the statistic shows these diseases have been declining in developed countries in recent years, however, the existence of these diseases is still found in the emerging countries such as Indonesia. It is our moral responsibilities as scientist and practisioner to combat those diseases and endeavor to improve the quality of our new generation.

Our 11th International Congress of Tropical Pediatrics (11th ICTP) has chosen this year theme: “Global Challenges Interventions to reduce the Neglected Tropical Diseases and to improve Quality of New Generation. The theme is aligned with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our goal is to end the epidemics of AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, hepatitis, water-borne diseases and other communicable diseases by 2030.

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to The 11th International Congress of Tropical Pediatrics (11th ICTP). The congress will be held in Yogyakarta on August 4th – 7th, 2017. We believe The 11th ICTP has a reputable reputation among specialists and practitioners as the forum for new information, treatment guidelines, interactions and exchange of experiences between leading specialists and practitioners in the field of Tropical Pediatrics.

Our primary aim in this event is to share regional knowledge and promote discussions on the understanding and management of effective and best practices among pediatricians. We sincerely hope that the knowledge and insight that will be shared during this event will contribute to the management of everyday practice. This event will be held in conjunction with The 17th Indonesian Congress of Pediatrics (KONIKA XVII).

We look forward to meeting you in Yogyakarta.
Aman B. Pulungan
President of Indonesian Pediatric Society

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

The International Congress of Tropical Pediatrics has come a long way from its colorful and productive beginnings in Bangkok, Thailand in 1987 to its present-day elegant and relevant meeting that we now have here in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. We have grown to share a lot of pediatric knowledge, expertise and camaraderie throughout the years of being together. We may have lost some of our founders and predecessors but their spirit and vision will remain with us who follow their footsteps because we chose to share their vision – that our children especially those exposed to the diseases and harsh conditions of the tropics will have every opportunity to access proper medical care and maintain health and good nutrition. As we advance into the 3rd millennium, we also look back to see the progress and development that has been achieved and try to do more, despite the challenges and barriers presented by climate change, wars and conflicts and the presence of both natural and man-made disasters. Children are undoubtedly, the most vulnerable sector of society and in many instances are the victims of many of these conditions in the world today.

As pediatricians and other health workers gather in this meeting of the 11th ICTP, we are confronted with a challenge to focus on prevention of diseases and promotion of health and to lay the foundation to continued reduction in childhood morbidity and mortality. International health agencies like WHO have provided us with necessary tools to address and do something for pneumonia, diarrhea, polio eradication, measles and rubella elimination, infant nutrition, and many other neglected or otherwise difficult to control diseases. With new and emerging pathogens being discovered and transmitted, vigilance and new ways of detecting them become an issue. Governments must exert more effort to sustain programs that will be cost effective and conducive to good investments in health.

I wish everyone a most fulfilling and enjoyable meeting under the able leadership of Professor. Sri Rezeki Hadinegoro and Professor. Yati Soenarto , both of whom are considered pillars in Asian Pediatrics and beyond.

With warmest regards,
Professor Lulu C. Bravo
Executive Director of ISTP


Dear Sir / Madam ,

The International Society of Tropical Pediatrics (ISTP) in collaboration with the Indonesian Pediatric Society is delighted to inform you that we will be organizing the 11th International Congress of Tropical Pediatrics from 4th to 7th August 2017 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

As ISTP strives to improve the health of children throughout the tropics, we attain to hold this international congress tri-annually which become an event for pediatricians interested in tropical child health and representations of pediatric societies to meet and to promote the welfare of children in the tropics. This year theme will be,

“Global Challenges Interventions (prevention, control, elimination, and eradication) to Reduce Neglected Tropical Diseases: Improving Quality of New Generation.”

During this conference, we expect the attendance of over 500 participants from all over the world and will have research and program related presentations in different thematic areas including neglected tropical diseases, emerging and re-emerging diseases, dengue control, polio eradication, disaster, vaccine safety, travel medicine, health-care associated infections, and many more update in tropical pediatrics.

Professor Fredrick N Were
President of ISTP



The ISTP, founded in 1986 continues to stand today with a firm resolve to faithfully pursue its vision to improve the health of children in the tropics.readmore »


The 11th ICTP 2017 will take place at Mataram City International Convention Center, which is located on Jalan Palagan Tentara Pelajar, a strategic location of Mataram City region close to the tourist attractions in Yogyakarta.readmore »